This pages lists some of our development activities that may (or may not) result in useful products or technology .

Blueberry Research:

dIDEAS has become involved in the development of novel AI/vision based sorting systems for agricultural products. Our focus is on blueberries but the system will work with small fruit and coffee beans. In 2001 we were awarded a USDA SBIR grant to research and develop a prototype. We gave a talk and presentation at the 2001 Southeastern Growers Conference that discusses the problem and our proposed solution.

A presentation by Dr. Rohrbach at the 6th International Symposium on Fruit, Nut, and Vegetable Production Engineering.

Our Open Source Projects

dIDEAS has a few software projects that may be of use to others.


Source code and executable to convert Tango DOS PCB Gerber and apertures to RS274X. A BAT script is used to call the converter for each of the common Gerber file extensions. The RS274X files have been successfully verified with both GraphicCode GC-Prevue and at FreeDFM . [March 31] several good PCBs have been fabricated with tang274x's output.

The semi-industrious could modify the tang274x program to read other non 274x CAD tools ((Protel DOS, easytrax, etc.) - or they could write a simple utility to convert their program's aperture output into a tango aperture file!

Here is the online working directory for browsing.


Source code for a Linux / DOS based utility that concatenates MP3 files and processing ID3 Tags.


Before the WAP11 - we used the Linux Router Project to implement a cross town 802.11b bridge. Here are some published files.

R&D and Current Projects

This section lists some of recent R&D efforts and projects that don't have an associated product.

High Voltage Piezo Driver

A 3 sq inch module that integrates a MCU controlled 5 to 200+ volt booster, several 1nS current pulse generators, a 200V piezo element driver, and strain gauge amp circuit. The piezo can be operated open loop, or closed loop to achieve a desired strain.

Embedded Compact Flash

We're developing hardware, drivers, and FAT file system IP to interface with compact flash and IDE devices in embedded systems. The first application is a special purpose digital video and audio recorder.

Telephone Ring Filter/Switch

The purpose of this unit is to automatically suppress telephone rings for caller that you don't want to hear. The ring filter uses time of day, caller ID, and the distinctive ring pattern to decide if the local telephone should ring. Also permits more than one answering machine to work constructively on the same line. This is an amazingly useful gadget for roommates that share a phone line - or those that just want to stop those annoying calls without missing the ones they want! We just need to solve the user interface problem.

Bright Spokes

A fun project to install a linear array of LEDs at several locations on a bicycle rim. As the wheel rotates specific LEDs are flashed at specified angles. When the wheel is spinning, the effect is the illusion of a stable full color image. Great for advertising - be it for products, self expression, or street activism. First photos : 1 2

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