The UVA-1280 is a 128 channel arbitrary waveform generator board designed for driving piezo and MEMS devices. The UVA can be connected to a PC via the parallel port, or to any compute via RS-232 or ethernet.

Alternatively, the board has a very simple digital interface that permits it to be placed directly on the databus of a micro-controller. Full specifications for this interface are provided.

UVA-1280 Specifications

UVA Customizations

The preceding specifications are for the existing model. Should your requirements be similar we can make the following changes:

UVA Digital Interface:

The UVA-1280 is controlled via its digital interface bus. The UVA may be directly connected to the bus of a micro-controller, or we can provide the following standard solutions:

Interface Options:

The UVA 16 bit digital interface is via 40 bin ribbon cable. The primary interface signals include : 16 data, 10 address, RW signal, strobe, and RESET.

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