The HVAWG-1280 is a high voltage, multichannel, arbitrary waveform generator. The instrument supports 128 separate outputs channels, simultaneous updating of all channels, a 0 to 200 voltage swing, 100mV accuracy, and 2 million channels samples per second [note 1]. The instrument may be rack mounted and is connected to the PC through the parallel printer port.

[Note 1] : 100 KHz maximum sampling rate for any single channel. Total channel samples per second is sampling rate time the number of channels. 15 KHz maximum sampling rate when driving all 128 channels.

Host Computer Control

The HVAWG is controlled by a host computer parallel port, such as a PC running Windows or Linux, or via a RS-232 serial port. Prepackaged software or new application specific code can be written. The HVAWG comes with example applications, libraries, and C source code.



The HVAWG was originally designed for experimentation with an optical MEMS (microelectromechanical system) device. The HVAWG may also be used with piezo stacks.

Output Amplifiers

The standard HVAWG outputs are designed to drive high impedance loads with upto 500pF of capacitance. The output amplifier can supply 1.25mA @ 0.0V and derates at 6uA per volt. The amplifier can sink in excess of 10mA, limited by a power rating of 1000mW per channel. Small signal bandwidth is 7 KHz. Unloaded slewrate, (0 to 200V), is better than 1V per uS

An alternative output amplifier permits bipolar output, with a 25mA peak current drive. The amplifier can be customized to drive higher capacitance loads as required in the end application.

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