About Digital Designs and Systems, Inc.

Digital Designs and Systems, Inc. (dIDEAS) was established in 1995 by C. Barnhart. Its primary area of business is the design and manufacture of low cost, low wattage, miniature color computer vision systems for use in mobile robotics, portable instrumentation, academic research, and inclusion into other equipment.

dIDEAS first product, the CVM, was inspired by DARPA funded research done by Horzwill and Barnhart then at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory located at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Since then, two new vision systems have been developed and the product line has expended to include the processor brains and controllers for several robot research projects world wide. Its customers are known to be from the US, Japan, Canada, and Korea. Its products are used in a variety of areas which include universities, national laboratories, private R&D institutions, museums and exhibitions, manufacturing companies, and by individuals.

dIDEAS long term objective is to continue to expand the use of and state-of-the-art in low cost, miniature computer vision systems. To this end, it efforts are focused in the following areas:


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